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George Washington

American expertise the blame game. Follow the Money.

The famous science nerds whistle blowers are bored and tired of making there claims, as if to say "So what IT'S over anyway."

They can't begin to really speak their truth
to the actual audience
that must understand
what they are talking about. The children
right now we have a
death cult running the

We need Sponge Bob
and others to explain to
the simple folk what it
is they actually face
with cartoons and music
so it will say this is what
Is this is who did it this
is how this is why the
old saying "the living
will envy the dead"
Should be saying "the living will HONOR the dead"
AND HOW!! Put that on
the dinner plate of the 1%.
Let um eat Yellow Cake.

C.I.A., MK-ULTRA & The 60's Counter-Culture

Why God Does Not Exist

There Are Gigantic Electromagnetic Vehicles in our Solar System!!

Fukushima Beyond Urgent
August 17, 2016 WE'RE ALL DEAD ALREADY

You Can't Un-See This
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Flying Rhino Surfboard Prototypes
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